July 14, 2020

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For the forex trader, a critical aspect of their technical analysis is the reading of forex chart patterns. However, understanding is not enough. Whether day-trading intraday or swing trading the forex market, knowing how to trade and profit from them is how traders can advance themselves. ...read more



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are technical on-chart patterns which clue us in on eventual price moves. Chart patterns are classified within three types: Continuation Chart Patterns; Reversal Chart Patterns; Neutral Chart Patterns; Some of the most important trend continuation chart patterns are: Pennants; Rectangles; Corrective Wedges ...read more


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Longer term patterns like these usually take more bars of data to form. The pattern contains two flat trendlines, which are either ascending or descending. Here, the price usually moves between these two trendlines. Three common triangles known to forex traders are … ...read more


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13-03-2021 · Forex traders may have a double top chart pattern right in front of them, but can’t see it because of all of the interference from the layers of indicators masking the bare chart pattern. In the charts below with the black background and red and green moving averages, the basic bar chart patterns are very obvious. ...read more


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About the Forex X3 Chart Pattern Scanner MT4 Indicator Introduction to X3 Chart Pattern Scanner X3 Chart Pattern Scanner is the non-repainting and non-lagging indicator detecting X3 chart patterns including Harmonic pattern, Elliott Wave pattern, X3 patterns, and Japanese Candlestick patterns. ...read more


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Chart patterns in the world of Forex should be taken with a pinch of salt. Sure, learn them, use them as you wish but have something else too. Verify the trade, have an additional edge. You need an edge when trading and for me, most Chart patterns (outcome) have no more of an edge than a coin flip. ...read more


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12-03-2021 · This chart pattern will typically be preceded by an upward trend, therefore making it a continuation pattern. The Descending Triangle The descending triangle pattern is the opposite of the ascending triangle pattern, in that it provides a bearish signal to Forex traders, informing that the price will likely trend downward upon accomplishment of the pattern. ...read more


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All these forex chart patterns have their distinguishing features, and I’ve set out below exactly how to recognize and trade them. But far more important than the details of the particular set-ups is to realize the potential pitfalls of trying to trade any kind of consolidation move. How to Avoid a False Break-Out on a Bullish Chart Pattern ...read more


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Forex Chart Patterns. 1. Forex Chart Patterns There are many Forex Chart patterns but its impossible to know (or want to know) and trade all of them Here are the Top 10 you should know 2. Head & Shoulders (Bearish) Inverse Head & Shoulders (Bullish) Head & Shoulders. 3. ...read more


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. Chart patterns are classified as a continuation pattern and reversal patterns based on the patterns’ ability to reflect the underlying asset’s directional bias. The completion of continuation patterns indicates the best possibility of the prices to … ...read more


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26-05-2020 · Forex chart patterns are price action patterns appearing on the charts, which have a higher than average probability of follow-through in a particular direction. These trading patterns offer significant clues to price action traders that use technical chart analysis in their Forex … ...read more


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The Forex Chart Patterns Guide (with Live Examples ...read more


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Technical Analysis Chart Patterns Get to grips with commonly-used forex trading patterns, such as double tops, triangles and head and shoulders patterns. Common Chart Patterns Traders Look For ...read more